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H type finned tube


Finned Tube

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H type finned tube

H-shaped finned tube, two steel sheets with arcs in the middle are symmetrically welded to the light tube to form fins (fins or discs). The front shape is quite like the letter "H", which is an extended heating surface. Energy-saving products.

H-shaped finned tube has the advantages of high weld fusion rate, high welding tensile strength, small contact thermal resistance, good heat transfer, and strong expansion ability. The H-type economizer assembled with it has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, small resistance, small wear and light weight. Compared with traditional finned tubes and spiral finned tubes, H-shaped finned tubes can greatly expand the heating surface.

At the same degree of heat exchange effect, the H-type finned tube economizer can greatly save the space volume. In addition to H-type economizer, it can also be assembled into H-type evaporator, H-type superheater, H-type air heater and many other products. H-type finned tubes have been included in the "China High-tech Product Catalogue".

Structural form: the basic form is single "H" type and double "H" type.

Our company can design and manufacture safe, reliable and efficient H-shaped finned tubes according to the needs of customers and the actual situation of power plant transformation. The company has a complete and independent product quality assurance system. The H-shaped finned tubes produced have the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, small flue gas resistance, light dust accumulation, small wear, and small space occupation. H-shaped finned tubes can be widely used in heat exchange components such as power station boilers, industrial boilers, ship power, metallurgical and chemical waste heat recovery.